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Unnecessary laws: it is a waste of public money!!

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Waste of money: we talk about it out of proportion, and it is easy to recognize, for example, in the unfinished works or gold consultancies used by some local governments.

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Law Firm party, 7th July 2016


Pension Work

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No tax reduction of performance bonuses without the Union agreement. The Stability Law 2016 introduced the tax reduction of performance bonuses, introducing a substitute tax equal to 10 per cent,...

Clock in scam, Lawyer Fava live

Clock in scam: sanctions coming

22nd June 2016

In television programme “A Siamo Noi” they spoke of the measures which will be taken about the clock in scam, the slackers of the...

Gabriele Fava– Labour Lawyer of the Year

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For the successful assistance to Italian and foreign companies in all aspects of labour law, with a particular attention to the field of restructuring. For the many awards received in the year in...